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Enzyme Services

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  • Enzyme testing & analysis
  • Enzyme Application trials and method development
  • Enzyme formulation & stability studies
  • Enzyme protein characterization
  • Enzyme technology development, licensing & consulting

Members of the Enzyme Lab team have worked with many of the leading enzyme companies of the world. Our technical in-house infrastructure / laboratory is managed & run by the Enzyme Lab team that has deep knowledge of almost every aspect of enzyme products.

Our enzyme technology lab offers the following services

Enzyme testing & analysis.
Enzyme Application trials and method development.
Enzyme formulation & stability studies.
Enzyme protein characterization.
Enzyme technology development, licensing & consulting.

Enzyme Technology

  • Acid Cellulase
  • Pectinase
  • Beta-glucanase
  • Thermostable Acid Cellulase
  • Thermostable Xylanase
  • Neutral Cellulase

Enzyme Technology Updates

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